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    Product Details
    Model PS14-AZ1 PS16-AZ1
    Operation Stand-on/Walkie
    Power Type Battery(FAAM for Option)
    Battery 24V/280Ah
    Electric Controller Curtis
    Rated Load Capacity(kg) 1400 1600
    Load Center(mm) 600

    UN electric stacker combines productivity, user-friendly controls and safety for the operator. It offers a wide array of options for almost any application.

    Ergonomic and engineering advantages make UN electric stacker easy to operate: All control buttons concentrate on the multi-functional tiller head.The central placement of the tiller arm,in accordance with ergonomic engineering,ensuring less steering efforts.
    Low skirt chassis, ground clearance (central of wheelbase) is only 25mm; accidents can be prevented when the operators wear the working shoes.

    Stand-on Operation Type for Choice
    All controls on tiller head
    World Class AC Electric Controller
    Electric Power Steering
    Reasonable layout of internal components
    Various Braking
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