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    Product Details
    U Series 4.0 5.0T 4 Wheel Electric
    Model FB40-AZ1 FB45-AZ1 FB50-AZ1
    Power Type Battery(Hawker)
    Battery 80V/840A
    Electric Controller ZAPI
    Rated Load Capacity (kg) 4000 4500 5000
    Load Center (mm) 500
    Overall Dimensions
    (without Fork)(LxWxH (mm))

    Electric Forklift is more environment-friendly,with less noise and vibrations ,lower operation cost compared with the IC Forklift..However, the electric range is always considered as not so powerful as the IC Forklift.With the help of our innovative technology and world famous components,UN build a new image in your mind for electric forklift,we offer the big capacity electric forklift up to 5000kg.UN electric forklift give you a new experience by lifting your goods with lower cost,quiet operation and powerful energy.

    Full AC System
    OPS System
    Comfortable Operator Space
    Fast Battery Charge and Long Battery Working Time
    Lower Energy Consumption and Energy Regeneration Function
    Easy-to-read operator display
    Low Gravity
    Joystick (Option)
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