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    Product Details
    U Series 1.5 3.5T 4 Wheel Electric 03
    Model FB15-AZ1 FB20-AZ1 FB25-AZ1 FB30-AZ1 FB35-AZ1
    Power Type Battery(Hawker)
    Battery 48V/450Ah 48V/500Ah 48V/620Ah 80V/500Ah 80V/500Ah
    Electric Controller ZAPI
    Rated Load Capacity (kg) 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
    Load Center (mm) 500
    Overall Dimensions
    (without Fork)(LxWxH (mm))
    2150x1090x2125 2380x1150x2125 2380x1150x2125 2475x1225x2125 2535x1225x2125

    Zero-Emission,Zero-Pollution,Low-Level Vibration,Low-Level Vibration,Low Operation Cost, High Efficiency ,High Quality,these are the reasons for you to choose a UN Electric Forklift.

    The most advanced 3-phase full AC technology in UN’s electric range combining the Italian ZAPI electric controller,ZAPI-SUPEREC AC motors,and HAKWER battery,as well as the excellent hydraulic system,these features guarantee your material handling become the most cost-efficient.

    The Energy Regeneration Function extend extra 15% working hours,which provides the possibility for your tough and long-time working condition.

    Full AC System
    OPS System
    Comfortable Operator Space
    Fast Battery Charge and Long Battery Working Time
    Lower Energy Consumption and Energy Regeneration Function
    Easy-to-read operator display
    Low Gravity
    Joystick (Option)
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