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    Product Details
    U Series 1.3 2.0T 3 Wheel Electric 03
    Model FBT13-AZ1 FBT16-AZ1 FBT18-AZ1 FBT20-AZ1
    Power Type Battery(Hawker)
    Battery 48V/500Ah 48V/625Ah
    Electric Controller ZAPI
    Rated Load Capacity (kg) 1300 1600 1800 2000
    Load Center (mm) 500
    Overall Dimensions
    (without Fork)(LxWxH (mm))
    1855x1082x2080 1955x1082x2080 2075x1140x2080

    Compact and ergonomic design with high-performance components make UN’s 3-wheel electric forklift become a reliable and cost-saving machine to your material handling solution.The adjustable steering column and adjustable comfort seat offer individual adjustments for all operators.Reasonable layout of the brake pedal,accelerator pedal and control levers offer a comfortable space for operator.World-class PMP gear box,dual driving motors and separated hydraulic motor make sure the electric power turn into the useful power to the full.

    The Energy Regeneration Function extend extra 15% working hours.

    Full AC System
    OPS System
    Comfortable Operator Space
    Side-way Battery Change System
    Lower Energy Consumption and Energy Regeneration Function
    Easy-to-read operator display
    Front Dual AC Motor Traction System
    World Class Gear Box System
    Automatic Maintenance Alarm
    Joystick (Option)
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