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    Product Details
    N Series 2.0 2.5T Cushion Tyre 01
    Model FL20T(Cushion Tyre) FL25T(Cushion Tyre)
    Power Type LPG
    Engine G.M.3.0/NISSAN K25
    Rated Load Capacity(kg) 2000 2500
    Load Center(mm) 500
    Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH(mm)) 2371x1092x2115

    UN cushion tyre forklift truck series are designed with more compact structure?by optimizing its internal layout and updating whole truck weight distribution and gravity.Compact overall dimension bring smaller turning radius and better maneuverability.Meanwhile,reasonable and innovative design guarantee the stability although the wheelbase is shorter.

    Ergonomically design including adjustable seat&steering column,low entry steps with assistance grips,non-slip rubber floor mat,dash-mounted instrument displayer including series of function display,seat belt,file holder and cup holder,etc.All these design bring you a comfortable and safe operation experience.

    Compact Design with Shorter Wheelbase and More Maneuverable
    Robust and Reliable Diesel Engine
    Ergonomically design
    Dash mounted instrument display
    Wide-view Mast and Container Mast for Choice
    Excellent Cooling System and Heat Releasing System
    Easy to maintain and repair
    Lower Gravity
    Emergency Stop Switch
    Multiple Option Available for Choice
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