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    Product Details
    Man Up VNA 1.5T
    Model FBAX15-AZ1
    Operation Sit-down
    Power Type Battery(Hawker)
    Battery 80V/700Ah
    Electric Controller ZAPI
    Rated Load Capacity(kg) 1500
    Load Center(mm) 600
    Maximal Lift Height(mm) 12000
    Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH(mm)) 3880x1580x5340

    UN Man-up V.N.A is optimized solution to your warehouse,engineered with full AC technology, 1,500 kg capacity and lift height up to 12,000 mm, providing outstanding performance in handling a variety of narrow aisle warehousing applications, ranging from pallet picking up, transporting, to stacking.

    The working aisle is being narrowed to only a little wider than the truck itself to fit into extremely accurate and high-racking handling. The streamlined operating console is clearly and ergonomically arranged, providing comfortable, fatigue-free and accessible operations.

    Full AC System
    CAN-BUS Computer Assistant Control System
    Electromagnetic Proportion Hydraulic Control System
    Lifting Height Fixing Device
    Finger-tip control system
    Storing Depth Setting Device
    Side-way Battery Change system
    World Class AC Electric Controller
    Reasonable layout of internal components
    Aisle Automatic Guiding System
    Aisle Terminal Decelerate&Alarm Function
    Graded Speed Adjust Device
    Automatic Return Function
    Electromagnetic Brake System
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