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    Product Details
    Model PT20-AZ1 PT25-AZ1 PT30-AZ1
    Operation Stand-on/Walkie
    Power Type Battery(FAAM for Option)
    Battery 24V/210Ah/270Ah
    Electric Controller Curtis(Option)
    Rated Load Capacity(kg) 2000 2500 3000
    Load Center(mm) 600

    UN electric pallet truck is your perfect assistant in short distance horizontal palletized cargo transportation.With the power of electric and motor,no need to move the heavy goods just by your own body strength,just focus on the technology the electric pallet brings.

    Ergonomic and engineering advantages make UN electric pallet truck easy to operate: All control buttons concentrate on the multi-functional tiller head.The central placement of the tiller arm,in accordance with ergonomic engineering,ensuring less steering efforts.

    All controls on tiller head
    World Class DC Electric Controller
    Mechanical steering
    Reasonable layout of internal components
    Various Braking
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