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    Product Details
    Double Deep Reach Truck 1.5T 02
    Model FBK15-AZ1
    Operation Sit-down
    Power Type Battery(Hawker)
    Battery 48V/420Ah
    Electric Controller ZAPI
    Rated Load Capacity(kg) 1500
    Load Center(mm) 500
    Maximal Lift Height(mm) 10000
    Reach Distance 920
    Overall Dimensions(without Fork)(LxWxH(mm)) 2752x1450x2205

    The Double Deep Reach Truck is UN’s another breakthrough innovation to your warehouse.The maximal Fork Carriage Reach Distance can reach 920mm,which provide the best solution to your double-rack system.With support the advanced technology and high quality components,UN’s double deep reach truck provides the best operation experience and highest working efficiency.

    Full AC System
    Big Power Unit and Regenerative Energy System
    OPS System
    EPS Steering System
    Electromagnetic Braking system
    Lower Energy Consumption
    Easy-to-read operator display
    Assistance System to fit in your specific working condition
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